Sudanese Sudanese Dialogue

Written by: Al-Hafiz Abdul Aziz Qimbal

Invoking national responsibility and a deep belief in the inevitability of change; Representing the will of the common people for freedom, justice, peace and a decent life, the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army/Comrade Abdul Wahed Muhammad Ahmed Al-Nur’s leadership will launch an initiative to hold a comprehensive peace conference known as (the Sudanese-Sudanese Dialogue to address and solve the roots of the historical crisis).

What emerges from the dialogue will put our country at the gates of a new civilizational stage
by virtue of its paths; To call for a new social contract whose interlocutor draws Sudanese minds for the first time since the compulsive existence and formation or (annexation) – in our contemporary history, with scientific and transparent tools and with a high national responsibility in which all political, military, social, religious and professional components and bodies of the victims of the former regime (except for the National Congress and its facades) meet; Sensing in this the paramount importance of the critical historical and immediate stages; Away from the furnace of conflicts – to rid us of the failure and the imminent and comprehensive collapse – whose claws erupted in the heart of the nation, and the profound impact of the dialogue thereafter; Considering the present is the one who draws the features of tomorrow and prosecutes the criminals of the past against the rights of the homeland and the citizen – to establish a new social contract on rules that lay foundations for you that are relevant to the homeland and its citizen, as well as conducting a comprehensive, deep, transparent and responsible review of all the imbalances that accompanied the stages of formation of the various state agencies and the weaknesses in its structures and practices the passivity of the successive elite regimes; Which led to political, social and economic problems that put the country on the list of failed states and on the verge of collapse. This failure in the management of the state has resulted in many crises, perhaps the most important of which is the threat to the elements of voluntary unity and the growing feeling in the regions that are still in the midst of wars; The complete despair over the possibility of addressing the situation created by the (minority/elite) forces, which is something that made some declare and demand their right to self-determination, as in the south (the amputated half) – the hostage revolution of December 2018 AD – and it is among the stations of the cumulative struggle; And I said (hostage) because it hasn’t changed yet; From the revolutions/uprisings (April 1964 AD and October 1985 AD) and within the points of (the agreement) here in (Step) the common people took to the street and then the regime was overthrown and then they robbed or (involved) a minority/elite and oligarchy on the throne – to run the state apparatus with the same mentality that was overthrown – then The crisis still exists as long as those same concepts have not been changed, i.e. they are still valid. The causes of these uncapped civil wars – in this hostage revolution of December, as I mentioned above, were still fueled by the best young women and men of this country, who were known after (the head-riding generation) and the Shavata, the Mayam, the Kanadakat, the Sanat, and so on; They went out to the squares with the hope of redrawing the features of a homeland in which they breathe and breathe freedom, justice, peace, democracy and equality and are proud of it as a beacon of civilization and prosperity – the same mentality that was entrenched behind the citadel of trafficking in the issues of the homeland prevailed, sometimes with partial (and negotiated) solutions and at other times by making (mosque) characters who did not make sacrifices Never; Even with a meal (breakfast) in the national struggle that we arrived at in (this) December station, and they became the false heroes and icons, and those lips, the Kanadaks and the Mayarms who overthrew the system became in their midst of exclusion and denial and (name them from your point of view as a reader and a rebel if you like) or as they called them ( gangs) night and the other.

Holding a conference (for the Sudanese-Sudanese Dialogue) which is/convened with educating and loyal patriotic minds that will inculcate required national values;

In order to distinguish between the concepts of the homeland and the state – given that the concept of the homeland is more comprehensive and broader than the concept of the state as a legal person (within the persons of international law); Where the concept of the first is related to the environment, culture and civilization, and does not draw specific/limited geographical borders with a geometrical tool, and it is like the mother for whom sacrifice must be made, while the second draws borders for it and can adjust its drawing by increasing and amputating the southern style as a result of the meager love of the first or the total lack of love, which is also a result For the lack of correct and solid national education – the national dialogue, and in the homeland and in the minds of the people of the homeland, it will be a shining historical epic that requires all of us as patriots to do our best to achieve it because in it the components know each other and a real social contract is formed, which was absent at that time; In the formation of the state apparatus of the Safavid Sudan and (this) the social contract, there must be the will and commitment of all its parties – in order to end the vocabulary and phrases of contempt (and weavings and slappings) of rejecting the other and not recognizing and acknowledging his rights in his civilization, culture and environment; That the Sudanese citizen be himself, that is, his civilized, cultural, environmental and free self; I trust that it will be among the outcomes or decisions of such dialogues; It will be tolerance, which does not mean accepting the other only, but also acknowledging and acknowledging the right of the other in this homeland in accordance with the concept of the principle of equal citizenship, which we discussed in a previous article; With the participation of all the parties who are not guilty of the rights of the homeland and the citizen, they will be able to take big and (small) decisions that resulted from these new visions for a bright future of a homeland in which the foundations for the creation of a permanent constitution will be established; reformulating the state’s restructuring in a way that corrects the imbalances of the past and the present and addresses all crucial issues of a national dimension, transitional justice and measures that ensure the non-recurrence or occurrence of violations of human rights and international humanitarian law and limit the growth of the entrenched trend or limit the expansion of the fortress of impunity; As it appears before us from (between) the December revolution, i.e. the ousted Security Council/Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted by the international judiciary; We have been working to hand them over to the International Criminal Court to punish them for the crimes they committed.

The launch of an initiative (for a Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue) is expected; dart to hold

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