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A Russian killed in Hombori, the soldiers fire in the city


A Russian assistant to the Malian army is said to have been killed on Wednesday, April 20, in Hombori, in the Douentza district, in the middle of the country, after his vehicle exploded on an improvised mine, according to many RFI sources. They also evoke a response from the army.

According to many Malian and international sources, including humanitarian and military, a vehicle from the Malian army, specifically the gendarmerie, was hit on Tuesday morning by an improvised explosive device in Hombori. Jnim, the support group for Islam and Muslims connected to AQMI, operating in this field.

A soldier would have been killed and it would not have been a Malian but a Russian who died of his injuries during his evacuation to the hospital in Sévaré, according to the same sources.

Military response Fama and their Russian aides are said to have broken into the weekly market in Hombori, which was kept not far from the blast site, and fired shots. Local sources and security sources report deaths, many injuries and many arrests, but no reliable figures could be cross-checked at this stage. The Malian army has not yet communicated on the subject.

This is not the first time a Russian fighter has died mali reported, but there has never been any official confirmation. The Malian authorities deny the presence of mercenaries from the Wagner Group but also Russian soldiers who would fight on the ground next to Fama. They only admit that they are cooperating with Russian “coaches”.

Source: Axadle Times

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