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Cuban Ambassador to cement Cuba’s bond with Uganda


The Cuban Ambassador to Uganda has pledged to cement the good and long relation between Uganda and the Republic of Cuba.

Tania Perez Xiques speaking to the managing Editor of yesterday said her mission is to link the two countries diplomatically and that this she will do by making sure that youths, women and students and their projects, programs and social economic developments of the two counties are actualized.

She said she will make effort to cement the political relationship between the two countries and as well follow up the implementation of the bilateral cooperation tackling areas of trade and the economy.

Tania who was recently welcomed by President Yoweri Museveni on receipt of her credentials is very happy to be in Uganda. She spoke with us from the Embassy in Upper Mbuya in Kampala.

“I am hear in Uganda to build and cement the bilateral relationship with Uganda and the south to south cooperation” she added.

She said in May this year they Embassy and the Ugandan government) are planning a celebration to mark 48 years of cooperation and friendship with Uganda.

She added that in 2024 the two countries will be celebrating 50 years of a great relationship and friendship.

Uganda recently appointed an Ambassador to Cuba and preparations are underway to re-open Uganda’s Embassy to Cuba in Havana sometime this year.

President Museveni received Tania’s credentials early April this year. Tania said that since Cuba is a developing Economy Uganda and Cuba share a lot in common.

Source: The East African Watch

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