Displaced and refugee issues

In light of the deadly insidious attacks on the biggest renowned Kalma IDPs camp

on 7th of May 2022 by the Rapid Support Forces (RSFs) militias which left 4 people killed and seven others injured as persistent coup regime’s attempts to implement its last solution in Darfur through well organized relentless attacks on IIDPs camps. On Sunday; 8th of May, the destitute Kalma inhabitants have laid to rest 3 of the massacred IDPs with tears of sorrow on their faces. However; a shocked eyewitness student who was himself victimized by the attack describes the incident in the attached video footage as well as other witnesses’ accounts that some of them gave real evidence to the attack as follows:

1- Resident of Kalma IDP camp Mr. Ismail Arbab Yousif who holds RPG empty warhead in his hand said “What happened yesterday while the children were playing in the playground, the poor IDPs were caught by surprise as three government’s vehicles came and attacked the miserable IDPs, totally unaware of anything, and this is the empty bullet the attackers used { holding RPG high explosive empty warhead with his right hand} and Iam not weaponry expert to tell which weapon’s empty is this? is it RPG or FAG ?”
2- “The incident which happened yesterday at precisely 5: 30 pm, Sudan’s local time is ethnic cleansing and genocide continuing, when teenagers, IDPs’ elders and onlookers were watching youth’s football in Kalma IDPs camp , then the criminals came and attacked the IDPs’ youth in the playgrounds” Mr. Yagoub Mohammed Abdella AKA Forrah , the General Coordinator for the IDPs and Refugees in Darfur expressed.
3- While Abdul Mannan Abdul Basit, one of the injured student described the attack and said “ I took my exercise book and went outside of the camp to memorize my lessons, when I memorized a bit, I saw people playing football and I sat down to watch the players { undressing his T- shirt and raising his left arm to show the congregation his bandaged bullet wound that penetrated his back } I was sitting besides my brother when I saw him shot by the attackers on his leg and I hurried up to rescue him, to my surprise, I saw blood in my hand and I wondered where the blood coming from !! all of a sudden, I realized that I was also shot”
4- An eyewitness youth from the camp wearing navy blue shirt whose name remained unknown also proclaimed “They fired two bombs, one shot that narrowly missed a passing vehicle, fall on the water, as God saved! While the other fall on the cemeteries, we have other two brothers as well who were killed during the attack when they came to watch football”
5- Another IDP from the camp Mr. Abdul Jabbar Saleh Mohammed lamented and said “Since 2004 when government wiped out our villages and drove us into Kalma IDPs camp and even here in Kalma the killings and the attacks continued, and we got no security no rest; yesterday our kids were killed when they were playing as its their right to play and enjoy like the rest of Sudanese towns’ kids when they celebrate Eid and the football ground is neither political site nor a location that poses a security threat, nonetheless; they attacked us”
6- “Government apparatuses claim that, they know nothing about the attack, which is untrue, as the attackers came from Nyala using 3 vehicles, two 4- wheel drive land cruisers another white Hilux vehicle, but the vehicles which directly involved in the attacks of the people were two, holding Rapid Support Forces (RSFs) license plates and the RSFs usually employ such attacks against us indiscriminately and by the way, this is the fifth attack to happen in only few months. However; the local authorities here in Nyala they commissioned the attack and fully aware about it, nonetheless; they talk politics in Khartoum, Hemeti and Al Bourhan give lip service political talk which is meaningless and nonsense, because our killing until now never ceased “ The General Coordinator for the IDPs and Refugees in Darfur, Mr. Yagoub Mohammed Abdella ( Forrah) further added.
7- Mr. Abdul Jabbar Saleh Mohammed also added “They tell us to file a complaint at the police, open a case at the police post, they say !! and I was there this morning and the police told me “Why you didn’t bring the injured and the martyrs here at the police post?’ Then I replied “But how can I bring the deceased and the injured if I myself not secure?” Yes Iam not secure at all “I have killed and injured people in my hand, do I need to add more killings to the already existing ones? “ I roared with anger. When we report such incidents to the police they don’t bother themselves to come and see the crime scene either and no suspect was brought to book until now”.
8- “ These are well organized crimes implemented by the regime and they will not stop unless this government is really toppled and bring about a true rational people’s government to power, that will enact deterrent punishments and hold everybody responsible for his/her crime, no matter the position the perpetrator holds in the state, be it in the army, police, RSF, armed movement or even if the perpetrator is an IDP we are all equal before the law and nobody is above the law, until that happen these crimes will not stop , because now the criminals have the law in their hands, they own the police, the prisons and everything in this country is in the hands of the criminals, and they do what they want to do” The General Coordinator for the IDPs and Refugees Mr. Yagoub Forrah stressed.
9- “If there is an armed forces, RSFs and the signatory armed movements, who perpetrate these crimes using government’s vehicles then? Who is this lawless ghost that comes and kills us? The government wants to portray these attacks as tribal conflicts; but to our best knowledge the tribes in Darfur are one tribe, our tribe is IDPs, all the tribes of Sudan are one nation, and I appeal to all tribes to come out and denunciate Khartoum regime’s amorality, it’s time to expose this wicked act of the government, don’t keep quite or else you will pay the price of your silence in the future, and be the first victim. If it is a tribal conflict as depicted by the government who kills the teachers? Because when a teacher enters his/her classroom he teaches all the pupils regardless of their tribe or race, it is the government exterminating the teachers. If it is a tribal conflict why they burn hospitals, police posts and public premises? “The general Coordinator for the IDPs and Refugees in Darfur Mr. Yagoub Forrah concluded.
10- Mr. Abdul Jabbar Saleh Mohammed further appealed and said “I appeal to the U.N that withdrew UNAMID forces prematurely from Darfur and left us exposed and without protection, we needs protection “.

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