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Sudan’s Kassala state authorities ban entry of military leader


– The security authorities in Kassala State on Wednesday prevented an eastern Sudan armed group leader from entering the state capital to reach to address a para-military gathering.

Dirar Ahmed Dirar aka Shaybah, Commander of the forces of the Eastern Sudan Parties and Movements Alliance planned to hold a military meeting with militia members belonging to his military group in Kassala on Wednesday.

However, Kassala State Security Committee informed him of its refusal to hold this meeting with his partisans who wear the military uniforms. In addition, he was notified that he is not authorized to carry weapons or wear military uniforms.

The state security services also requested him to provide his visit programme, official sources told the Sudan Tribune under the cover of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak to the press.

“We fear tribal clashes in the state. So, the decision to ban his coming, is part of a series of measures the state has taken to maintain security,”. The source stressed.

Shaybah was a former commander in the East Front, a former rebel group that signed a peace agreement with the al-Bashir government in October 2006.

Nevertheless, he broke away with the group leader Musa Mohamed Ahmed after the signing of the peace agreement as to the coalition of the Beja groups diverged over positions given by the government.

After the signing of the Juba Peace Agreement, Shaybah like some tribal groups contested the deal and called to include them in the deal.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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