The decision to form the Revolutionary Liberation Council of the Sudan Liberation Movement / Army

Sudan Liberation Movement / Army

The Chairmanship Institution

Resolution No (1) of the Year 2022 concerning the Ratification to the
Revolutionary Liberation Council

Based on the constitution of the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army to the Year 2014, amendment of the year 2021 and in accordance with article (6) paragraph 6- 2- D and based as well on the powers given to the chairman of the movement in article (7) paragraph 7-1- B, and the outcomes of the consultative conference which was held on 25th of June 2021 in the liberated territories , I the chairman of the movement hereby ; ratify to the resolution No (1) of the year 2022 concerning the formation of the revolutionary liberation council and therefore all sectors, institutions of the movement and the concerned bodies has to put the provisions of this resolution into effect from the date of its ratification and signature; and it will be published on the movement’s website and by the official media as follows:

1. Suleiman Ibrahim MarajanAbdella Chairman
2. Salah Abdulnabi Abdul MajeedJaabir Deputy Chairman
3. HawaAbdulrahmanAbdella Ahmed Rapporteur
4. Guma Hamid Mohammed Danaa Member
5. Said Mohammed Khalil Hassan Member
6. Adam Bakheit Mohammed Yagoub Member
7. Fawziyya Hussein Abdella Mohammed Member
8. AasimMastour Ibrahim Suleiman                           Member
9. Ismail Abdulrahman Osman Omer Member
10. Mohammed Ramadan Mohammed Abbas Member
11. Madina Adam al TeibSaleh Member
12. Mustafa Jabrallah Ahmed Nour Member
13. Kamal AbdulazizAbdulshafi Omer Member
14. Aziza AbdellaBabiker Mohammed Member
15. Al sadiqAbdellaAbdulkarim Mohammed Member
16. Abdella Mohammed AbdellaRaabeh Member
17. Ahmed Atim Osman Haroun Member
18. Fatima Mohammed Adam Guma Member
19. Ali Mohammed Kibir al Aalim Member
20. Mashir Ahmed Ibrahim al Rashid Member
21. Abdulrahman Mohammed AbdulrahmanKatak Member
22. EhlamHamid Hassan Abdella Member
23. Adam Siddiq Ibrahim Abdella Member
24. SalwaBabikerAbdella Ali Member
25. Abdulrahmanal Said Abdulrahman al Said Member
26. Mohammed Abduljabar Osman Haroun Member
27. Abdulhakim Musa Abdulshafi Adam Member

Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed Al Nour
Chairman and Commander – in – Chief of the Sudan Liberation Army
29th of Jan 2022

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