The General Command of Self – defense forces of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army sternly warn the putschist regime of Khartoum of launching attacks on its controlled territories

The Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) field intelligence had gathered credible information that; on 27th of October 2022, the putschist regime forces of Khartoum consists of Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militias and a few hand- picked local collaborators and hirelings from El Fashir in 30- 4wheel drive land cruiser vehicles are planning to wage aggressive attacks on areas controlled by the self- defense forces of the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) under the leadership of Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed Al Nour.

Whereas; the movement adhere to the Geneva Convention on the civilized rules of armed conflict, known to all SLA combatants in standing orders, codified in the movement’s purity of arms doctrine and remain committed to, the signed long- standing, renewed unilateral cessation of hostilities (CoH) for humanitarian reasons although the regime still exploit hunger and humanitarian denial as a tool of war, as well as to allow the people’s glorious December revolution to realize its noble objectives through peaceful means of national struggle. However; the general command of the movement would like to clarify the followings: –

1- The Sudan Liberation Army forces had tangibly kept observing its unilateral ceasefire, and as self- defense forces have long observed a halt to offensive operations and only undergo combat when attacked.

2- Any act of aggressive attacks on areas controlled by the movement will be considered a deliberate declaration of war and therefore, the movement will do what it can to protect civilians, and their properties and further repulse the attack in a manner to safeguard and maintain the sovereignty of its controlled territories.

3- As the movement is fully aware of the plots and treachery of the murderous coup regime and the outcome of their clandestine meetings held in the national capital Khartoum to stage these attacks, the movement had ordered its forces to be vigilant and remain in combat- ready repulse situation until ordered otherwise.

4- Based on the ill and insidious intentions of the coup regime and the ongoing killings, the movement might be forced heavyheartedly to, rescind its unilateral cessation of hostilities that have signed, renewed and committed to over the past years, despite the ongoing genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes against humanity by the regime forces and its paratroops militias. Its high time for the movement to reconsider caging itself to a futile and unyielding cease fire while people are slaughtered and their lives are tampered with.

Waleed Mohammed Abaker, (Tonjou)

The Military Spokesperson of the Sudan Liberation Army

28th of October 2022.

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