Footage reveals the Conditions of the displace people in IDPs camps in the liberated territories of Jebel Marra

The number of the International Displaced Persons (IDPs ) in camps in the liberated territories which controlled by the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army in Jebel Marra has reached about 450 thousand families, which means approximately 2 million people. Besides there is a daily increase as a result of the war, security deterioration, and humanitarian conditions in various parts of Darfur. These IDPs are in a very critical conditions, as they are threatened by the danger of famine and cute malnutrition, especially among children, pregnant women, and the elderly. Dozens of people die every day in the camps in the movement’s liberated territories of Jebel Marra and other camps across Darfur due to hunger, lack of food, and the spread of fatal diseases, which requires urgent international intervention to deliver relief and humanitarian aid before the world waken up with incurable humanitarian catastrophe.


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