The Civil Authority in the liberated territories of Jebel Marra: Severe Famine Declaration

Mainstream Sudan Liberation Movement/Army led by Abdul Wahid Al Nour

The Civil Authority in the liberated territories of Jebel Marra

Severe Famine Declaration

At first; sincere respect and appreciation to the members of the preparatory committee of the conference on humanitarian issues, for the highly appreciated humanitarian efforts and the intellectual contributions you have made; so that this conference can be a reality between us. Through you, allow me to salute all the institutions of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army in their various sectors, particularly; my dear comrades in the civil authority in the liberated territories.

Whereas ; this conference is a historic opportunity to draw the attention of the international and regional community concerning the catastrophic humanitarian conditions that the region is going through, and that might reach to the point of famine, if certain measures were not taken to prevent it as quickly as required.

Darfur region has been experiencing turbulent security conditions since the beginning of the year 2003, as a result of war which was waged by the former regime of Al- Bashir against certain components of the Sudanese society, which caused a tragic and catastrophic humanitarian situation, as a result more than two million civilians were affected by death, displacement and asylum- seeking.

Nonetheless; after the advent of the international humanitarian organizations most of the region’s population became dependent on humanitarian aid which was provided by those organizations, yet; the suffering of the people in Darfur exacerbated after the Sudanese government expelled the most active humanitarian organizations working in the region, used to provide life- saving essentials in the year 2009, until the humanitarian crisis reached its climax after the outbreak of the ongoing war in 15th of April 2023, between the two belligerent of the Rapid Support Forces (RSFs) and the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF).

However; the situation further deteriorated when the local and international organizations evacuated their employees and workers which coincided with an abrupt ceasing to the humanitarian aid, sluggishness of the life motion in the region and the failure of the planting season, which are heralds of a catastrophic humanitarian crisis that appeared in forms of famine and epidemics, in addition to; the deterioration of security and health conditions, consequently; more than two million people took refuge outside the country, while millions others were internally displaced, principally, in three main areas which are, areas under the control of the Rapid Support Forces(RSFs), areas under the control of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army chaired by Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed Alnour and the city of El- Fasher with its well- known features with and displacement camps which exist in the north Darfur state.

Yet; we as civil authority in the liberated territories of Jebel Marra, would like to reveal that; we have received thousands of directly affected and internally displaced people who fled the scourge of war in Sudan which engulfed most parts of the country, as a result hundreds of thousands civilians were drove out from the government controlled cities and towns to Sudan Liberation Movement/Army controlled territories, among them masses of children, women and the elderly as the liberated territories became a safe heaven and refuge to them and their properties.

The civil authority housed these large numbers of people in safe shelter camps, well protected by the self-defense forces of the Sudan Liberation Army, despite the meager capabilities and resources at hand, and according to the realities on the ground, although we have not received a penny or in-kind support whatsoever.

While; the numbers of the displaced people in the liberated territories reached to more than 450,000 families, equivalent to 2,250,000 people, organized in 13 shelter camps, and although these camps are well protected by the security that provided by the movement as mentioned earlier; but, in a dire need of food, medicines and other non- food items, to save these vulnerable displaced people from a certain severe famine, as the situation now is catastrophic and extremely explosive, which requires urgent action to be taken by the international organizations working in the humanitarian field to rescue the lives of thousands of people, before they would perish, because the situation is worsening every passing day according to the following statistics:-

First: The numbers of children suffering from acute malnutrition in all the shelter camps in Jebel Marra has totalled 26,636 boys and girls , most of them are under five years old.

Second: we have recorded 1,724 cases of death of children with chronic malnutrition recently.

Third: While; the numbers of the elderly, pregnant and lactating women suffering from acute malnutrition in jebel Marra shelter camps have registered until now up to 75,407 women.

Fourth: The number of deaths of the elderly, pregnant and lactating women which caused by hunger, diseases and lack of primary healthcare reached 694 cases as health centers, hospitals and nutrition centers are completely not exist, and there is only one poorly staffed and non – equipped hospital in Golo town that runs by amateur medical staff and has neither life-saving drugs and medical supplies; nor medical equipments, serving millions of vulnerable people, it’s unfortunate reality which exist.

On the other hand; according to the report which was presented by Mr. Volker Turk, the United Nation High Commissioner for Human Rights, to the UN. Human Rights Council in its 55th regular session that still convenes between 26th of February to 5th of April 2024 in Geneva, in his speech reviewing the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Sudan during the interactive consultations on 1st of March 2024. Furthermore; referring also to the report made by the UN independent expert on human rights in Sudan Mr. Radhounce Noucier.

The two reports confirmed that, the situation in Sudan is tragic heralds of humanitarian catastrophe which threatens the lives of more than 25 million of people who are at risk of death from famine, resulting from the failure of humanitarian aid to reach them, primarily; caused by the Sudanese Armed Forces’ persistent denial to allow humanitarian aid to reach to the victims in Darfur region, and in particular, to Jebel Marra massif and its surrounding other areas, which fully controlled by the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army, in which hundreds of thousands civilians from different cities, towns and villages of Darfur region as well as from other towns and states of Sudan took refuge.

Accordingly; we want to reaffirm our unwavering commitment and moral obligation, which obliges us to protect humanitarian conveys and guarantee safety across borders, internal corridors and beyond; it is a duty bound! And to cooperate and coordinate, to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches those in need.

In conclusion; we solemnly appeal to the United Nations, the UN Secretary General, the European Union, the Troika countries, The IGAD organization, all governments and parliaments of the free world, Sudan’s neighboring countries and the international and regional organizations as the situation in Darfur region became a real humanitarian disaster and possible famine is looming on the horizon, which requires urgent action to be taken, in order to salvage victims from the danger of famine. Furthermore; we renew our call to the international and regional community to put pressure on both parties to the conflict in order to stop and end the war in Sudan, open safe paths and corridors to deliver the essential needs to the displaced and defenseless civilians in the cities,towns and villages of Darfur region and to the displaced shelter camps in the slopes of Jebel Marra. We urge both parties to the conflict to stop using relief as a weapon of war against our own people, and not to obstruct humanitarian convoys and allow them to pass without restrictions or conditions.

Adam Daoud Saleh

Representative of the Civil Authority in the Liberated Territories

27th of May 2024

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