The Chairman of Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army met His Excellency Dr. William Samoei Ruto the Kenyan President

■On 23th of January 2024, the chairman of Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed Alnour met with His Excellency the president of Kenya Dr. William Samoei Ruto at his presidential palace in the national capital Nairobi, this meeting came as a sincere efforts undertaken by the movement to stop the ongoing war in Sudan, and address the root causes of the Sudanese protracted historical crisis. Furthermore; the chairman of the movement duly elucidated to the Kenyan president the Movement’s multi- dimensional ,inclusive and far- sighted vision of forming the broader ever civil front to stop the ongoing war through a genuine national partnership, that bypasses all the alignments which preceded 15th of April war, and therefore; brings about a formidable national consensus which will include all the political and civil forces, and the forces of the armed revolutionary struggle, except the National Congress Party (NCP) and its facades, to stop and brings an end to the war and eventually lay the foundation for a democratic civil transition.
The chairman of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army Abdul further gave Dr. William Samoei Ruto an itemized situational report concerning the poignant humanitarian situation country- wide and the suffering of millions of civilian population, the continuous killings, the horrific violations inflicted by both sides to the conflict on armless civilians, the dire needs of life-saving necessities in the movement’s controlled territories that became safe haven to hundreds of thousands civilians who fled the war in government controlled towns and cities all over Sudan.
However; the movement with its meager resources tried its best to assist those civilians, but in vain, as their increasing needs of food, medicine and shelter is far beyond the capacity of the movement and thus the movement appeal for both regional and international help because the death toll among children under five years, elders, pregnant and lactating women is on the rise, and the international community has to honor and fulfill its humanitarian and moral obligations to protect civilians. Lastly but no the least ; the chairman of the movement stressed the need of exercising pressure on both sides of the conflict to open humanitarian corridors to immediately allow unfettered humanitarian access.

■On his side, the Kenyan president acquainted the Chairman Abdul Wahid Alnour with IGAD’s roadmap aiming at stopping the war in Sudan and that, they will not spare any efforts and do everything in their power to stop the war and assist the Sudanese people, he also affirmed their keen support to the vision of the movement to this end.

■In return; the chairman of the movement, highly appreciated His Excellency Dr. Ruto’s unwavering efforts to stand with and support the Sudanese people in their ordeal and stop the war and ultimately sustain and promote the democratic civil transformation in Sudan.

■Moreover; the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army’s chairman underscored the movement’s unconditional support for all initiatives that work to bring an end to the war which ravaged the country, realize the sorely needed democratic civil transformation, and build an equal citizenship rights state and the establishment of a full- fledged civilian government from independent figures in order to lead Sudan towards a sustainable democratic civil transition.
Finally; the Chairman of the Movement expressed his heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Kenyan government and its people and their sincere efforts and endeavors to stop the war and bring a just, comprehensive, lasting and sustainable peace in Sudan.

Mohammed Abdelrahman Elnair
The Spokesperson of the Sudan Liberation Movement
23th of January 2024

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