Statement from Darfur Bar Association and Partners

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Darfur Bar Association and Partners


The Association condemns and denounces the aerial bombardment of El-Daein city, causing civilian casualties and extensive damage to the Neem camp, El-Tadamon neighborhood, Al-Salam neighborhood, and Al-Zareeba market.

Darfur Bar Association strongly condemning the Tuesday 20, February, 2024 aerial bombardment of El Daein in East Darfur, the Association notes three air raids targeting the city from different directions. The bombardment led to the tragic death of 12 civilians, including members of the Jaid family, Abbas Ali Rabeh Jaid, his wife Tawqa Jibril Ahmed Jaid, their two children, and a five-member family, along with three individuals from South Sudanese descent.
While vehemently condemning the aerial bombardment on El Daein and all acts of bombing by warring parties in various regions, the Association emphasizes the imperative to keep civilian areas away from military conflicts. It calls for warring parties to bear criminal responsibility for civilian casualties. The Darfur Bar Association stresses the urgent need for an immediate cessation of this cursed war.


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