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Bashir’s health reports were falsified, claims plaintiffs’ attorney


Omer al-Bashir visiting another patient hospitalised at Khartoum military hospita
April 20, 2022 (KHARTOUM) – The medical reports of the ousted president were falsified, a member of the plaintiffs’ lawyers said Wednesday after al-Bashir appeared wandering in the halls of a Khartoum hospital.

Recently, activists posted on social media videos showing former president Omer al-Bashir in good health visiting some hospitalised people in the army’s Alia hospital.

The videos sparked widespread controversy about the reality of his illness.

A plaintiffs’ attorney said that the military component deliberately moved al-Bashir from prison to the hospital where he has been held after medical speaking severe deterioration in the former president’s condition.

“The appearance of the ousted Omer al-Bashir, wandering in good health in the hospital confirms that the medical reports claiming a deterioration of his health -to take him to hospital and justify his absence from the court- were fabricated, incorrect, forged and invalid,” Moez Hadrat a member of the plaintiffs’ bar.

The lawyer called the court to take legal measures against the doctor who forged the medical report.

He revealed they have already submitted a request to the court to provide them with a copy of the medical reports on al-Bashir’s condition as they intend to demand his return to prison and appearance in court.

Al-Bashir and a number of his aides have been absent since last December from a court trying the plotters of the Islamist June 30, 1989 coup.

After a military coup in October 2021, the Sudanese Islamists have been reinstated in the civil service and security apparatus.

Also, they have more political visibility in the official media and take political initiatives.

The defence lawyers submitted a petition to the court to release the suspects who are 70 years and above. Also, they want a special bail for all those whose charges do not constitute the death penalty.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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