The hijacking of the glorious December revolution and its consequences for the Hamdok government

* Written by Comrade / Faisal Makki

Events in our country are accelerating at a crazy pace, which leads us to talk about the confusion of the political scene and the danger of this trend between the military and civilians, that it opens the door, and winds will come from it. and complete the institutions of power structures.

The entire political process was built on partisan quotas par excellence, based on the error of the approach followed in the administration of transitional governance, which is based on quotas, exclusion and conflict within the components of the forces of freedom and change, since the sit-in of the General Command at the moment of the fall of the regime, which is a defining moment in the life of the revolution because the thieves of revolutions appear at this moment. Freedom and change appeared, wearing the dress of the revolution, to speak in their name and to elicit the sympathy of the masses. They expelled the real revolutionaries who fueled the enthusiasm of the masses during the revolution. The main problems are still worse than before without clear solutions, whether it is the file of comprehensive and real peace or the file of justice, the economy, living annoyance, and the security file. These issues must be upon me. Sudanese street treated as a top priority.

Because the parties that hijack revolutions in most cases do not have a national program or project, but are satisfied with creating an imaginary enemy and asking the masses to separate by fighting it so that they can seize the reins of power. It is difficult and the army did not protect the people. Rather, its main main task is to protect the people and not to kill the people. It may be the best solution for a civilian government because it is one of the demands of the revolution. Our message is to the military institution. The army’s job is to protect and preserve the country and its people, not governance. All forces must be restructured to express that the nationalism of Sudan and its From this point of view, we must commend the position of the great leader, head of the Sudan Liberation Army, Mr. Abdul Wahed Nour, and he said frankly that Sudan needs all the Sudanese people to sit down, excluding the enemies of the former regime and its fronts, for a Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue to address the problems of the Sudanese state in one package and to form a government of independent national competencies led by Hamdok for the success of the stage transition and democratization.

The Sudanese people, who overthrew the rescue regime after thirty years of oppression, are able to correct the course of the revolution, which did not change the situation for the better. The country is experiencing all the hardship that can be called the comprehensive political crisis and the blockage of the political horizon between the military and civilians. There is still an opportunity for those who hijacked the revolution to correct their mistakes and return to The goals and demands of the revolution, and not to repeat the scenarios that led to the abort of all democracies that have passed through the history of this country.

Written by Comrade Faisal Makki

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